Discover The Social Side Of Business

Many small business owners will find that they are invariably busy. No matter how well organised they are, there is always something they should have completed yesterday. Due to the fact, so much personal time is invested in a business by the owner, they realise that sacrifices have to be made. Such as not having much of a social life, or not spending as much time with the family and not making enough time for themselves.   

Why Would I Join A Networking Group?

There can be lots of reasons that one would join a networking group, such as:

  • Knowledge expansion 
  • Collaborative working
  • Business development 
  • Personal development 
  • Business advice
  • Raising your company profile
  • Peer interaction 
  • Market research 
  • Collaborative working 

When you combine the list above you can see that networking, when put simply, is about building relationships with other business owners and raising brand awareness. Of course, there are certain factors you will want to analyse before committing to a particular group but that is at your personal discretion.


As well as focusing on the business aspect side of networking, it can also help you to build confidence and gain new skills in your personal life. Attending a new group where you don’t know anyone can be very daunting. But networking allows you to learn how to interact with new people, how to conduct yourself in certain situations and how to form and retain strong working relationships with people. Attending networking meetings gives you back the social side of your schedule that you had previously reduced in order to focus purely on your business.

Networking breaks the isolation many small business owners face and usually works out to be a very positive experience for most. Again, it does very much come down to personal preference as to whether you think you could get along with the people in a particular group but the choice is entirely your choice. 

Nexus Networking

For business owners based in Essex, Nexus Networking can provide you with the networking structure you need. There are so many benefits to joining Nexus such as free business training, discussion board, online marketing, and new business. 

With support from all other members and business coaches, you’ll be made to feel like part of something more. Click here to find out more about our membership options. 

If you have further questions then you can contact us on 01206 656 160 or email