At Nexus Networking our focus is on YOU. Our focus is on business development. We want to spread your brand and we want to help you succeed! Success in Nexus is a shared entity and it is celebrated; it is also commonplace! Joining our network entitles you to all the benefits that Nexus have to offer. Let us and all of our members teach you everything we have learned – between us we have an unprecedented amount of business experience; from every industry you can think of! We’ll teach you new approaches to old challenges and we’ll outfit you with the tools that you need to succeed! We share experience – it isn’t treated as a commodity like it is with other networks. Nexus is all inclusive.

We are a network. We understand that businesses need to be connected in order to achieve. We therefore prioritize building relationships that are made to last. We meet frequently and in many different areas – with new areas being added all the time – so you can rest assured that a Nexus meeting is never too far away. Where do we meet? Currently we meet in Colchester, Brentwood and Chelmsford. Stay tuned for more locations! If you’re not local, we would like to stress: Nexus is worth a journey! We introduce people that may never have met organically and as such we have facilitated many a fruitful relationship. Contact is key. Your connections can make or break your business, Nexus make sure that your business makes it. If you are a business owner, wherever you are we wholeheartedly recommend that you fill out our application form so that we can get you started on your journey.

We know that if an individual is too focus on getting clients then he or she will be missing out on getting connections! They won’t be utilising Nexus Networking fully. A network is your most valuable tool in tackling the business world – whether you’re new to it or maybe it’s old hat; a network is the 21st century’s must have utility. Connections are the new name of the game. “It’s who you know AND it’s what you know”. We want all of our members to get to know each other – we want each and every member to know each and every other member. This way businesses grow. The hard sell is dead. Networking is the present and it’s the future. So don’t get left behind: join Nexus now.