There are plenty of networking events out there, so why choose Nexus Networking?  Nexus Networking was created by professionals within the business industry with the intention of creating a community of like-minded business people.

Local Meetings

Meetings are area-specific, within the following locations:

  • Witham
  • Brentwood
  • Chelmsford
  • Colchester

Many other Networking events are a one-off or not as regular as the weekly events held by Nexus. For instance ‘Essex’ maybe one group of clients for a meeting every quarter. By locating our meetings into smaller areas on a regular basis, we feel it is not just time specific for your travel requirements, but also creates a more specific pool of like-minded individuals. You are more likely to find a useful connection if they are located closer to your business’s location.


A Structured Agenda

Our meetings have a specific structure and agenda to ensure your time is used wisely. Meetings vary week on week combining the opportunity for one on one talks and group discussions. The agenda ensures that you have the opportunity to reveal your business, and discover others that may benefit you.


Online Marketing

All Nexus Networking members will benefit from Nexus promoting your business on their own platforms. This third party promotion will only be beneficial to you. In addition to Nexus promoting your business, your fellow members are likely to promote and suggest you over your competitors. 


We Have a Responsibility

We understand our responsibility to you. Without our members, we would not be able to function. Because of this, we will endeavor to help your business grow successfully through tools at Nexus Networking. 

Our Community

By keeping our community localised, we are able to match you with the right businesses. Your fellow members not only become your sales force, they also become your friends. By surrounding yourself with compatible business people, common interests will often lead to a sense of community.


So, why choose Nexus Networking? your success is our success. We thrive off your growth. We aim to introduce companies, creating a community all advocating one another. The average member at Nexus generates £27,000 of income per year from their Nexus membership, creating a win-win situation for both us and our members.