Whether you are new to networking altogether or have some experience, here is what you can look forward to when you join Nexus Networking

Weekly 1-1

We provide you with the opportunity to spend 1-1 time with other like-minded business owners, some of who may have a few more years experience. Our 1-1’s are only 10 minutes, but its the perfect time to discuss any questions you may have or ask for advice. 


Fellow members become your sales force. By joining Nexus you have spread the word about your brand to other business owners. These people will then pass on your business cards to potential clients, recommend your service to friends and family and help you to generate more business. 


In line with referrals, your fellow members are free to write you up shining testimonials that provide you and your company with even more credibility. This will also help increase your sales and spread the name of your company. 

Business Coaching

Nexus provides you with free business coaching where you will receive ongoing training and support. Training topics include destination, time management, financials, delivery, marketing, and sales.

Speaker Slots

Every member is given the chance to have a 10-minute speaker slot. Public speaking is not everyone’s forte but these opportunities are great for you to practice and prepare in front of supporting people. 

Website Listing

Expand your online presence with additional listings within search engines such as Google. Every Nexus member is entitled to their own members’ profile page to help visitors find out more about you and your business. 

For more information about Nexus Networking and how to join, please get in touch today. 

Visit our website, email us at info@nexusnetworking.co.uk, or call 01206 656 160