Going to networking events is the beginning of making a connection. The work to ensure that you have met, becomes a strong connection instead of someone you know in passing, requires more effort than simply handing them a business card. No creating and maintaining a contact takes work. So here is what you need to do after a networking event.

Send an Email
Do not wait to make contact after an event. You need to send an email after it, as soon as possible. Put it off, and you may not get a chance to and even if you do, there is the chance that the person you are trying to connect with will not remember who you are and what you have to offer.

Social Media
Connect with them on social media and show that you care about the connection. After this point, you can gently and periodically remind them of who you are when you comment or like their posts.

If you took pictures of the event, post them and tag people in them. It is a great way to remind people who you are, where you met and what the event was about. Make sure to include a location to attract more people who were there to the post. These new people will be potential contacts for you.

Not everyone can remember everything about an event, and as time goes by, you will remember less and less of it. So after an event, why not write down what you remember? Sending a message is an excellent way to recognise any promises that you made or any promises made to you.

Check your networking supplies after the events. See if you need to order more business cards, pens or stickers. You will be handing out and/or using many of these, so you want to ensure they stay stocked up!

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