A successful networking event is any event where you can meet and really get to know a diverse set of people, especially when you feel like you get what you put into networking and not what you take out of it.


Networking isn’t all about tossing your business cards at the nearest people and hoping they’ll catch them and put some business your way – not on your nelly!

At Nexus Networking Group we make sure our events are conductive for successful people to get to know each other properly with a diverse group of individuals from all types of business industries.

You should make the time and opportunity to spend time and really and get to know other businessmen/women. Many other group events are held in dimly lit bars where one must be virtually sitting on someone’s knee to be seen or heard, whereas our locations are open and comfortable making for a good networking opportunities.

You might turn up not knowing anyone, but you might come away at the end with endless business contacts you may use in the future for yourself or others that you know that might need another business service – the trick is not to get stuck talking to just the one person.

Our small dinner events or regular meets during the week are for everyone to participate in a conversation. As a result, we some excellent outcomes most of which happen after the first few meetings.

We at Nexus Networking Group believe events should not be a one-off, we organise meetings frequently enough to allow for people to meet in the same environment multiple times whenever you’re able too.

Lastly, anyone is a good networking contact. So don’t go along to a networking event in search for a certain individual. Try to find as many open opportunities should be your main focus, this will allow you to meet and get to know anyone and everyone – never assume a potential contact is good or bad for your networking purposes.

Our vision for you on behalf of Nexus Networking contains constant evolving, helping members develop their businesses – Nexus can help shape your experience within networking and future business today!

You can find out more about our successful networking services by calling 07776 157 503 today, or alternatively you can email us via gavin@hawkhurstai.com