Nexus Networking is looking for visitors for their site. Using the Zoom logins on the page, you can experience what networking with Zoom can be like. There is no need to be a member of Nexus to join in on the Zoom calls. Anyone can be a join a Zoom meeting and you can discover, not only the benefits of using Zoom and of using Nexus Networking.

Zoom is a video conferencing platform that has become vital in the current pandemic. Face to face meetings are no longer possible and so video chatting has become vital in managing not just business, but also day to day communication. It is a way for people to keep on making connections no matter where they are and no matter their situation. All you need is the internet and a screen to connect.

Business Meeting

What is Zoom?

Zoom was created in beta form in 2011 with only 15 participants, now, in 2021 is has over 300 million participants. It is a global communications website devoted to video conferencing and making sure that each call is and frictionless and secure as possible. Now more than ever, it is important to empower people who would otherwise be cut off or limited to letters, phone calls and emails. It is not the same as actually seeing someone and that is the key. Zoom provides a method to ensure that no one is left out or left feeling alone. A phone call, email and letters are impersonal, they can be taken the wrong way or just not have the right feel to it. Zoom allows you to keep having a personal touch.


Online Zoom meeting

How it can be used


The larger the screen, the more participants to a call you can have. The limit of callers all depends on if you are subscribed to Zoom or still using its free service. This also can limit the duration of the call. This is a way to continue to network and create a connection without braking Covid guidelines or even across the world without having the hassle of travel. It is an incredible resource to improve your business and continue making the connections that will help you to build your business.


In a Pandemic world, face to face interactions is limited and rare. Every such meeting carries the risk of infection. Meeting people face to face now borders on irresponsible and that is where companies like Zoom come in. You can carry on meeting people from the comfort of your own office or home and continue to get the advice that you need to expand your business. Nexus Networking can help you build the vital connections that you need to build your business. To find out more, visit our website on, email us on or give us a call on 01206 656 160.