In the modern era, there are many different ways of networking. It is no longer needed to go to events and meet people face to face. That is simply to make it easier to network. With Social media, there are so many new pathways to the connections you and/or your business need. This is a whole new arena of networking that can help to make valuable connections without or prior to the networking events.


LinkedIn is an invaluable resource when it comes to business networking. This is a platform to connect on a professional level. Connections made on this platform are invaluable because you can advertise you are looking for a job and be headhunted. A key thing to remember is not to outright reject every single friend suggestion or request because you do not know them. LinkedIn offers possible connections and this is a way to build a professional network. You can reach out or accept possible connections that will make others aware of your business or profile. This allows connections between people that would otherwise never connect. You need to connect with three kinds of people; Those you know, should know and want to know. By trying to connect with these three categories of people, you will have a stronger. (source).

Offer Quality

Too many people in this day and age are too focused on building a following. They do this through many posts a day, attempting to gain attention. But if you want to build a professional presence online, you need to focus on quality over quantity. Every post can impact how people think of you. That includes future professional connections. The wrong posts can cost you the connections that you are trying to build. By offering quality content, over overwhelming amounts of posts, you are offering potential connections a glimpse into the real you, not someone who is obsessed with followers. Dozens of part posts, or irreverent posts, can make you seem like someone who would not take the job or connection seriously. (source).

A Few Don’ts

Social media can give the illusion of closeness when in fact you have never met the person directly. You need to remember that a connection is not the same as friendship and you should treat it as such. Being overly familiar can cost you those valuable connections. Also, do not be heavy-handed. If you have just met someone, you would not immediately hand them a business proposal. It is more likely to scare away prospective clients that keep them. You can also come across as too desperate for this opportunity. That could indicate that your business is not as stable as you would like them to believe. The purpose of building a professional network through social media is to expand your connection. But just because you have connected, this does not mean that you instantly have a strong relationship. IT is an acknowledgement of the potential relationship you can have. You need to put the work in before you can present them with a proposal.

Social Media is a valuable asset. There is no denying that. The thing is, you have to use it appropriately for it to be effective. It does have many drawbacks, but it can help you reach people you wouldn’t otherwise be able to reach. We at Nexus Networking can help you with the next steps in creating a comprehensive professional network. We can help you establish you and your business in the industry that you are a part of. To Find out more, visit our website at, email us on or give us a call on 01206 656 160.