Chelmsford Group

Since the Thursday group started last week here with us at Nexus Networking, we have 13 new members already! If you want to be part of a well connected and supportive networking group then visit our website to fill out a joining form.

There have been hundreds of referrals that have been passed and we are looking forward to more! Joining Nexus is a great way to learn from other like-minded people who have a passion for business.  

Our purpose is to help you develop your contacts, skills and knowledge in order to grow your business and increase profits. Meetings are held every week in order to keep everyone up to date and connected. 

What To Expect:

Once becoming a member of Nexus you are entitled to present your business to other members. You are given a ten minute slot where by you can promote and advertise your product or services to all our other members.

These ten minute presentations are the most effective means of communicating what makes your business unique and who your ideal clients are. The rota for the ten minute slots are updated every week, allowing everyone to have an opportunity to speak.   

You will also have a weekly ten minute 1-1 with another member. These 1-1’s are the perfect time to really get to know other business owners as you will have a meeting with a different member every week. 

By letting members know who you would like to meet in order to gain more business, they can help spread the word. This is good for getting great referrals from quality clients. 

You will also receive business coaching which is invaluable. In most cases, established businesses pay a lot of money for business coaching. But at Nexus we invest into quarterly training sessions which are free to all members.

Throughout the year, at present, we hold four social events. A perfect way to get to know everyone from Nexus on a more personal level, with the chance to be social and break the ice with new members.

For more information about how Nexus can help you discover a new route to networking then get in touch with us now. You can call us on 07776 157 503 or email