A perk to a Nexus membership is our series of free Training Days, held every 6 weeks. These can cover a number of areas, including business management and online marketing, and are a unique added benefit given to all members of the Nexus family. Last Training Day, Ken Rhodes and Natalie Williams talked ‘Financials’ with our group, and on Friday 15th May they will be back – this time covering the topic of ‘Delivery’.

They will put to members the question, ‘Are you delivering consistently?’ and challenge them to open their eyes and analyse how well their business responds and delivers. ActionCoaches Ken Rhodes and Natalie Williams will be focussing supply, quality, buying ease, and service. These key areas of delivery are the cornerstone of any good business and, as such, business-owners should put a lot of effort and attention into them.

The session will require members to be analytical – and in some cases, critical – of both themselves and their own businesses, of which they are proud and hold so dear. But at ActionCOACH, they believe the key to running a successful business is making only yourself accountable to your actions and weaknesses. When delivery fails, customers may be reluctant to use your services again, and for that you must hold yourself responsible. In their presentaiton, Rhodes and Williams will show members how they can give their clients the best experience possible, through quality customer service and ease of use. As Rhodes points out, “It’s what you know and what you do with what you know thats gets results.”

Our Training Day will be held at the Langdon Hills Gold Club in Bulphan, Essex. The day will begin at 6:45am and finish at 9:00am, with breakfast being served around 7:00am. Simply contact Paul Lomas on 07807 494530, or email paul.lomas@energycentric.co.uk to book your place.