LinkedIn is the world’s most popular channel for B2B marketing. As a social network with a professional twist, the app is a hotbed for forging connections with like-minded entrepreneurs. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing four of the best LinkedIn strategies for business networking. Let’s begin. 

1. Build your company page 

Your company page is your audience’s first point of contact, so make sure it pops. It should include all the relevant information and links necessary to convert a placid browser into an avid customer. That means making sure your page is complete. Pages with complete information get 30% more weekly views, so get building!

2. Post organic content

When it comes to marketing, there are two types of content: paid and organic. Paid content tends to reach beyond your core followers whereas organic content  is made specifically for them. If paid content is an advert, organic content is a team photo. Organic content keeps your followers in the loop without selling something to them, like this post our Director, Danny Nevill, shared last month: 

Organic content is a real win-win. It’s audience engagement and brand recognition—and it’s free!

3. Engage with your target audience

Without a target audience, your target audience is everyone—and without hurting anyone’s feelings, that simply won’t work. Finding the people who value your product or service most is the name of the game on LinkedIn. That’s why, when you find them, it’s so important to engage with them! This doesn’t just mean responding to comments and messages, but actively reaching out to them yourself!

4. Connect and reconnect

One of the best LinkedIn strategies for business networking is… networking. There’s no easy way around it. Compared to other social media networks, LinkedIn is a great space for extending a warm welcome to someone you’ve never met, asking them a question or even for feedback on something you’ve made. Of course, this doesn’t just mean cold messaging strangers; it also means reconnecting with those who know you well, expanding your reach as you do so. 

In need of a network?

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