Last week, ActionCoach and Nexus member, Natalie Williams ran our first Training Day of 2015 alongside Kent Rhodes, in which they talked to the group about time management. The pair asked members to reflect on how they approach their personal time management – not by assessing their own punctuality, but by considering their mental approach to time.

For good time management, Natalie says, people must have ownership, responsibility, and, above all, must hold themselves accountable; those who constantly make excuses to themselves and others are in denial and that can often be the downfall of their time management. What matters is holding yourself responsible and not blaming anyone or anything else.

They also stressed the importance of untilising information and training given to us. For this, they recommend people approach such things with an open mind, and consider how they can put this new knowledge to good use. As Kent points out, “It’s not about what you know – it’s about what you do with what you know.”

Time can so easily escape us – whether it’s through lack of training, unclear goals, or even just simple procrastination. The key is self-discipline, and those who manage time well have mastered three key areas: Delegation, Planning, and Self Mastery. According to Natalie and Kent, this can be done in a number of ways – from setting personally motivated goals and keeping a diary, to hiring an ActionCoach or having conference calls to save time spent travelling. Creating a routine for yourself is also what helps most people to manage their time effectively and set out their priorities clearly. As Kent notes toward the end of the talk, “The way you spend your time is a result of the way you see your time – and the way you really see your priorities.”

Find the handout notes from last week’s presentation here.

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