Thurday’s Presentation

10 Minute Presentation Rota

As a member of Nexus Networking, you are entitled to present your business to all members. The 10-minute presentation slot is a privilege for members only which provides you with a platform to promote your business and its services or products to all members.

Your presentation enables you to expand upon the benefits of the services and or products you offer, what makes your business unique and who your ideal clients are. Overall, other than 1-1 meetings, the 10-minute presentation slots are the most effective means of communicating who you would like to be referred to, on a sizeable scale. Subsequently, we recommend you to book at least one slot every 12 months, if not, more often.

To book your 10-minute speaker slot within your meeting, please ask the Group Director of your group to have this arranged for you. The 10-minute speaker rota is updated frequently and is announced at each meeting.