Nexus office meeting

Covid-19 has changed the world in many ways. The pandemic has caused a devastating ripple across the world, throwing the health system and financial market into the unknown. With constantly changing regulations, businesses are left not knowing what the rest of the year holds, making budgets and decision making harder than ever. 


More than ever businesses need to rely on each other. By working together, and creating strong relationships businesses have a brighter future. Nexus Networking has no plans to slow the rate of growth of customer relations for our members.  Whether meetings take place as normal, or via Zoom, Nexus endeavor to offer our members the same excellent service that they expect.


The Vision For Nexus Has Not Been Blurred

Our Vision is still strong and forward-thinking. Nexus Networking has no plans to slow over this time period. Our vision for both our members and ourselves is still valuable to success.

  • Our vision for our members

Our mission for our members is simply to expand your contact base, therefore gaining more referrals, leading to potential sales. Our weekly meetings enable members not only to network with credible business people but also to learn and share experiences, broadening your knowledge. This vision will not be hindered by the current pandemic. Nexus Networking plans to work around any new restrictions that may come into place. Whether you are a current member or a potential member, please be reassured in knowing that Nexus Networking is here for you.

  • The Vision of Nexus Networking

 Nexus Networking is a proven success. We have the vision to spread such success nationwide by expanding our networking groups, firstly within Essex. Our networking events will still be localised to create an opportunity for members to meet like-minded individuals located within a resourceful distance from their business. 


Not only does Nexus Networking aim to improve the networking connections for businesses across the county. We aim to prove the lives of others by expanding our charity work. At current, we currently support three local charities: Kids Inspire, Havens Hospice, and Wellies on. 


Contact us to learn more

If you have any questions regarding Nexus Networking Group or would like to join one of our scheduled events, head over to our website by clicking here. Alternatively, contact us directly to talk to one of our experts on 01206 656 150 or email