Some may see networking as a chance to sell, convincing people in that group to try their product or service. However, your fellow networking members are not the clients! They are, in effect, your potential sales force!

Informing and educating your network about the type of referrals you desire is much more important to your networking efforts on the whole. If this is done correctly you could have a sales force of networkers that can pass you business through their multiple connections. This approach is known as referring, a great tool to have in your company armoury.

Networking also enables you to break your business down into specific chunks of products or services. Over the course of your time networking, you can introduce a specific element of what it is that you are selling or providing with each and every meeting. Including details based on a specific product or service that you provide.

A highly effective way to educate your networking partners about what it is that you are looking for as a new customer or client, is to share the qualities and aspects of your current clientele. Client retention is just as important as generating new business – if you can’t look after the ones you currently have, what hope have you got getting others to sign up with you after poor performances? This in itself is a referral, a happy customer spreads positive vibes!

Customer Efficiency

Through this approach, you are essentially illuminating the canvas for the rest of the networking group. It enables them to see the picture you are portraying for them. When appropriate, consider bringing in a customer or client to talk about how you have helped their business. These kinds of interactions go a long way in terms of educating the group as to the type of person you wish to have referred to you.

Ultimately, you should be trying to educate a sales force instead of trying to close a sale. Instead of arriving at a networking meeting with the urge to sell, shift your intention in the group and you will find that the quality of referrals could work out in your favour.

Your time to close the sale will come when you are with the referrals that you will receive.


When you join a business network like Nexus, you are partnering with a group of people who will become your sales force so, educate, educate, educate them on how to refer you.

We strive to help you become better in all areas of business. Whether it be meeting new contacts, improving your business or yourself personally.

If you’re not a member already, you could benefit from being a part of our Nexus groups for now and the future of your business.

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