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At Nexus Networking, we understand that businesses require different outcomes from networking. Some simply want to use networking as a tool to get to know like minded people and learn from their co-members. Others look to level up their requirements, using networking as a chance to increase sales and block out their competitors from having the chance to do so.

Because of these factors, our members are offered different Nexus Networking memberships, allowing them to choose the right one for them.


Full Membership

The full Nexus Networking membership costs £395 per annum and is the right package for those wanting to make the most from their time with us. This membership option not only enables the member to attend meetings in each location, but also comes with the ‘lockout’ benefits. As a Full Member at Nexus Networking, we do not allow your competitors to become members. Meaning, your business is the only business within your market to have access to the wealth of knowledge within the room.


Lite Lunch Membership

Whereas the Full Membership gains access to meetings every day, the Lite Lunch Membership enables those wanting less frequent attendance to go to a weekly meeting held in Chelmsford. Although many members do not attend every meeting every week, it is the ‘lock out’ feature that sets the Full Membership above the rest. The Lite Lunch Membership does not benefit from the option to lock out and block out competitors.


Training Package

Training days are held throughout the year in Chelmsford. Training days are the ideal opportunity for Nexus Networking members from each group to come together. All meetings on the week of a training day are paused. Training days enable Nexus members to not only meet others from other groups, but learn from speakers and further enhance their understanding of key business related topics. The Training Package costs £150 for all 6 annual sessions. This membership is ideal for those wanting to learn from experts, but aren’t able to commit to weekly meetings.


If you believe that you could benefit from a Nexus Networking membership  or you have any queries, please feel free to contact us on 01206 656 160 or email Our friendly team will be able to advice you on the best option for your requirements and we hope to see you at a Nexus Networking event in the near future!