Is your business one of the numerous small start up businesses of 2020? 2020, with all its turbulence has seen many take the bull by the horns and make the decision to start up their own business or go freelance. If so, have you got networking written into your diary? Companies such asNexus Networking, an Essex based networking group can significantly improve your business in multiple ways.


Why 2020?

The simple answer to why 2020 seems to be the boom of business start up is the alteration to employees’ situations. Whether furloughed or made redundant, many have found themselves with time on their hands. Time which looks to have been put to good use. Many have chosen to follow career aspirations that may have been only a previous pipe dream. Google Trends has predicted that January 2020 will demonstrate the highest number of services since 2004, when statistics began. Such records are yet to be announced, however the boom suggests likewise.


Improve The Chance of Longevity

By going solo and starting up a small business, owners often worry about how successful their business will be, and whether it will last through the turbulent times we find ourselves in. With fewer than half of businesses breaking the 5 year barrier, going independent is a risk. 

Handshake Nexus

However, there are ways to minimise the risk. By having a clear, accurate and achievable business plan, your business’s prosperity is higher. The classic saying ‘it’s not what you know, but who you know’ may not be completely truthful. But the section stating ‘who you know’ has a backbone. In business, knowing those within a similar market and working together to build a relationship and recommend to clients can lead to not only potential sales, but also advice and help when needed.

How Can Nexus Networking Help?

As a small business, Networking is the ideal opportunity to not only get your business out there, but to also get yourself known. Within small and large businesses alike, consumers will often buy into the people within the business, as well as the services on offer. By meeting other professionals, relationships can grow and develop. Such relationships can be useful in multiple ways, from advice to another source of sales through their recommendations. The first year for a business is often the most risky, and the most busy.

With time of the essence, networking may not seem the obvious choice. However the long term benefits of networking make it most definitely worth the time. At Nexus Networking, an Essex based networking group, meetings are designed to be productive within the time scale, enabling our members to use their time with us wisely. Meetings will never over run as we understand the busy schedule of our members. All meetings now take place via Zoom, thus reducing travel times.

At Nexus Networking, all potential, interested members have the opportunity to attend two sessions for free. If you believe, as a small business owner that networking can benefit you, enquire with Nexus Networking today.