Having the right connection can do wonders for your business whether you’re a business person or a trades-person, the right connection can take your business to the next level. Knowing the right people can impact your business in so many ways, such as getting a new supplier if your current one fails you on certain products. It is also a great way of simply getting advice if you run into a problem that you have not run into before.


Virtual Connections

Covid-19 has made making connections a challenge, to say the least, but that doesn’t negate the need for connections to be made. The need for connections has grown. Covid-19 means that some products have been made harder to get a hold of or that some parts of industries have been destroyed entirely. This means that knowing people in your industry could mean knowing how to get what you need if your supplier cannot provide it for you. The restrictions mean that meeting face-to-face has been made so much harder, in many cases impossible. This means adapting to the times and using technology such as Zoom to continue to help you make connections.




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Despite all the hardships and complications that having to make connections virtually have brought, there are some good points. Not many people enjoy public speaking, a lot of people dread it. So, going virtual means that you no longer have to face that prospect. You can cheat, turn off the viewscreen and then it’s basically like practising once more. If you can’t see who you are speaking, that’s half the worries gone! 

Meeting a person face to face at an event is a classic way of making connections. It’s what people had to do before the advent of the internet and is still the preferred way to make connections. In a Covid-19 world, this is something completely different, especially in a lockdown. The restrictions make it next to impossible to meet face to face and this is where technology lends a helping hand. We can ensure that you can still make those connections, whether you are still able to go to work or have to work from home Nexus Networking can help you make those important connections that will help you to survive. Visit our website at https://www.nexusnetworking.co.uk/