All businesses have a vision and are entitled to a steady growth and development, if you can process this quicker then it’s even better for the future! However, if you want to become even more successful maybe Networking can help.

Creating a connection with other Clients or Business members where ideas can be bounced off one another is only good news for you. Your customers and employees will also feel the benefit – creating a loyal base with increased overall profitability upon a solid foundation.


You’ll benefit from online marketing; receiving promotion of businesses and its products or services via LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter – including free business training and support from professionals within business.

You can easily communicate with others; creating new business, ventures and group buying within a local Networking group – This will improve the local economy and support local businesses such as yours across Essex.

Nexus Networking Group wants its members to gain as much business as possible from their membership, which is why we have already seen over £3,000,000 worth of business passed between Nexus Networking members.


We pride ourselves on helping our members and guests take steps to achieve their goals finding their version of the future, embracing all types of business men and women of all ages, cultures and professions in a variety of different industries.

Overall we can be your mentors, sharing good and bad experiences, challenges and wisdom that you will ultimately benefit from – When all said and done, who can say no to a free breakfast!

Our vision for you on behalf of Nexus Networking contains constant evolving, helping members develop their businesses – Nexus can help shape your future today!

You can find out more about our future Networking Services by calling 07776 157 503 today, or alternatively you can email us via