As you may know from receiving a referral before, when one comes in it’s exciting to learn that people have stood up and taken notice of your product and/or service and was duly happy to recommend. This will no doubt drive you on to generate further referrals and ultimately turn them into sales.

With this in mind, there are three procedures you should use that could make a referral worth its weight in gold:

  • Act quickly and call the lead within 24 hours. If there is no answer, why not leave them a voicemail with your name and best contact number for them to reach you on at a more convenient time – after all, we’re all busy at one time or another!
  • Once you have made the call and left a message, you should follow up with an email shortly after. This shows your keen and ultimately giving them another avenue for them to contact you back on.
  • If you’ve still heard nothing back from the lead, then wait a short period of time and try contacting them again with the above methods. There might be a simple explanation why you haven’t heard any contact such as time off work or simply going through a busy period of business – don’t give up so easily!

Nonetheless, if there is still no contact after your follow up methods have run out, maybe it’s worth considering your follow up technique?

The follow up, once initial contact has been made, is a key part of conversion. At the time of first contact, the prospect may not have been ready for you and your product or service. Hence, why a follow up is necessary.

How do you add value to your follow up?

Whether you use one or more of these suggestions already in your follow up processes, it’s worth taking stock and mixing new with tried and tested methods to ensure a better response when following up with a referral:

  • Special Offers

A great way to return with a follow up is by offering them a special offer – who doesn’t like a bargain?

  • Deadlines

People are impressed when you remember the finer details. By giving them a deadline not only do you know whether they’re really interested, but the potential client will know you’re not messing about!

  • Referral Research

Check out that referral! Whether it’s through social media or a company checker website, then you’ll know who you’re really dealing with.

  • Offer With Confidence

First and foremost, be yourself through confidence in what you’re offering your lead. From emails to calls, just be yourself with a personable touch. People can often spot someone who’s just in it for the sale and not the end goal of success for both parties.

  • Desperation is Dangerous

Don’t come across as desperate for business. Desperate people scare referrals away.  Yes, you need the business. Yes, you want the sale, but showing that you need it, is often what makes a good lead… disappear.

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