There are a lot of different types of networking, just as there are many different types of networks. It all really depends on what the end goal is. Networking is an invaluable form of progressing your career or business. The right network can mean the difference between success and failure and it is important to understand this point. Networking is important and here are some examples of different networks.

Strong Contact Networking

This will be a generally small group of people, probably in a variety of professions. This kind of group forms the strongest of your contacts. You regularly keep in contact with them and form strong bonds with them as well. They are people that you keep in contact with in case you need anything. These are contact that can be friendly as well as mutually beneficial. (source).

Casual Contact Network

This is usually a lot bigger than Stong Contact networks. They are easy to join groups and do no have meetings as often. They are, like I said, more casual. People meet only in passing. A lot of people from the same profession join these sort of network groups, which can be helpful if you ever need advice. These are more like names and people you would not know a lot about. They are also often where Strong Network Contacts evolve from. (source).

Online network

This is a newer form of network that is a lot newer and are as useful as other network groups. These are often people linked through media such as social media or chatrooms. It is less likely that these people will meet in person, but they can still gain valuable clients and business contacts. (source).

Professional Association

These are groups formed for specific professions. There are formed for the sharing of thoughts and ideas. For this reason, it is incredibly useful in this kind of groups as it means that you will easily be able to market your products to the right target audience. However, solving other problems, rather than marketing your own product might be more beneficial. This is a great way to form friendships and friendships can lead to the expansion of your professional network.

These are only a few of the kind of network that there are. Networking is a vital part of the business world and can improve your business or career in many ways. We at Nexus Networking want to help you build your professional networks. To find out how we can help you, visit our website on, email us on or give us a call on 01206 588 000.