You may be a strong-minded, driven business person, highly regarded in your industry, and on the road to success. Traits for such success may include determination, in-depth knowledge, and understanding of the field. However, not all successful people are as confident as they may first appear. 

For many, the thought of public speaking is daunting. You may be top of your industry,  leading the way, however, this does not mean your personality is naturally confident, or secure to speak publicly.


How Can Nexus Networking Help?


Member Interaction and Relationships

Nexus Networking helps you grow in confidence from the moment you walk through the door. Our group sessions are formed for the intention of growing strong, useful relationships between members. You will be introduced through one to one sessions as well as group discussions, allowing you to gain the most interaction time with members. By having the opportunity to meet new people will help build confidence.

Our 10 Minute Speaker Slots

Nexus Networking understands the importance of the ability to publically speak. Being a strong speaker not only shows an air of confidence, but it portrays your company in a positive light. We at Nexus Networking also understand how daunting public speaking can be. Not only is it a nervous prospect to stand in front of a room full of people and talk, but to talk about your business in detail, often with questions thrown in, is not one for the shy. 


Nexus Networking holds 10-minute speaker slots giving our members the opportunity to practice, prepare, and improve their public speaking abilities. Not only does this chance give our members the chance to gain confidence and feedback, but it also allows them the opportunity to speak about their business to the rest of the group. 

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If you feel like you could benefit from gaining confidence in your public speaking, contact Nexus Networking today. Find out more about the benefits of becoming a Nexus Networking member on our website today. Alternatively, contact us directly to talk to one of our experts on 01206 656 150 or email