The modern age of social media advertising has taken everyone by storm, the internet world of business may seem like it doesn’t have much room for the trusty business card any longer. However, it is still so important to have this to hand!


We know that the classic business card won’t be going anywhere soon! If you’re a salesman especially, your card will be one of the first or last things you give a client – signifying your importance and easily accessible.

Whilst online marketing can attract a great deal of sales prospects, nothing is quite the same as a personal handshake and exchange of business cards. As soon as you whip your business card out of your wallet or pocket, you’re there to be seen and market your brand through personality and important details.

Whatever your meeting, whatever your client industry, when meeting a client/customer you will want to create that first good impression – what better way than pulling out that excellent business card!

If you have an eye-catching, creative business card, it is more likely to be shared with others. A memorable business card will be remembered, creating that great contact for your business for the long term.

Nothing says unprofessional like scribbling your name on a bit of paper with a name and number. It might have worked with Sabrina from a Soho bar in 1982, but this is the 21st century now!

Attending Nexus Networking Groups will give you the chance to hand out your business card to relevant people you meet, a high-quality, well designed business card shows you’re a professional individual within your business – potentially making you an important person to connect with at our events.

Opportunities can be grasped regularly with Nexus Networking Group. Brainstorming with the group creates partnerships, business or asset sales, joint ventures, client leads, speaking and writing openings, relevant connections – the list goes on, the list will go on as you continue to find ways to succeed.

Join a business networking group and make the first step into a world of new ideas, keeping you always in the light of success. Nexus Networking is the group to help you understand your true potential in the business world.

To learn further information about Nexus Networking Group, you can find out more about our networking services by calling 07776 157 503 today, or alternatively you can email us via

Don’t forget your business card!