In March 2020,  the government encouraged employees to work from home where possible. From August, employers were given more leeway in regards to working arrangements. Many businesses choose to keep their set up the same, with employees working from home. Such a decision was based, for most upon not only the welfare of their employees but also the savings gained from a reduction in office space and overhead costs. Such government guidelines also took effect on Nexus Networking, halting networking meetings across Essex.

Zoom IconThe new normal of working from home has changed the way in which many businesses operate, with digital resources becoming more important than ever before. For some, working from home can be isolating. No longer working within an office atmosphere, seeing colleagues face to face, can make some feel secluded. Employers are looking to digital resources such as Zoom and networking to keep their employees motivated and in connection with one another. 

Networking is the ideal opportunity for business professionals to interact with one another, and keep up to date with other local businesses. During the Covid-19 pandemic, networking events such as those hosted by Nexus Networking were paused. However, networking meetings are altering their procedures in accordance with government regulations, taking meetings online. By hosting networking events online, Nexus Networking is able to help businesses stay connected. Businesses are finding they are able to still have the same experience as physical meetings, whilst abiding by regulations and without the risks.


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Convenient Connections

Many professionals are finding that networking via Zoom is far more time-efficient than the pre-Covid-19 physical networking experience. By reducing travel times, many are finding their time can be managed and organised to ensure productivity at its highest. 


Stay Connected

At such a time, being part of a group of experts is more important than ever. For most, one of the main reasons for networking is to create relationships, thus strengthening their network and potentially bringing in future trade. By building relationships with other professionals, a trusted bond is built, a bond that can be relied on, and a feeling of support is created. 


For many, being secluded can be not only lonely but the feeling can lead to the individual becoming inefficient at their job, and the cause of potential mental health issues. Networking creates a network of professionals, all supporting one another. By being part of such a group, professionals can still engage with others, benefiting not only their business but themselves.


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