Networking is a scary word for many people and it’s usually for all the wrong reasons. At the heart of networking is people: talking to people. Simple. But it’s more than that. Networking is all about connecting with people who might be able to help you, and who you might be able to help, too. Here at Nexus Networking, we’d like to share with you the 5 biggest benefits of business networking. Let’s begin.

1. Opportunities 

A common misunderstanding when it comes to networking is to think that it’s all about taking rather than giving. Nothing could be further from the truth. At a networking event, no one is setting out to ‘make a sale’, as it were. What brings people to networking events is one simple, golden word: opportunity. 

At any given networking event there are endless opportunities in the air. People from all corners of business and commerce are most likely standing around you. This means new business ventures could be lifted off the ground, and new talent scouted in order to do so. The worst thing you could do at a networking event is to not take advantage of this air of opportunity.

2. Growing Your Business Profile

Among the 5 biggest benefits of business networking is the opportunity it grants you to raise your business profile. Hand in hand with any networking event is getting your name out there and getting your business noticed by others. This, of course, can have massive benefits. 

To achieve these benefits, you need to establish yourself as amicable and trustworthy: someone who people want to do business with. Remember that this might not happen straight away (we were all once new to networking!). The whole process is a matter of developing social skills and gaining confidence along the way. 

3. New Business

Business breeds business. As soon as you find yourself established within a network, you’ll be opened up to a wealth of opportunities. Your positive relations with other business owners will have landed you referrals from their companies. On top of this, many of these business owners may even turn into customers or suppliers for your own business. 

But networking won’t just help with growing your business financially; it will also provide you with a way of evaluating your business in comparison to others – a strategy otherwise known as ‘benchmarking’. What are other businesses doing that is bringing them success? Perhaps there are lessons to be learnt from them… 

4. Advice

At the heart of networking is the desire to learn and to grow. Being a part of a successful network is akin to having access to a pool of knowledge – and knowledge, moreover, that speaks from experience. Fresh ideas and new perspectives will keep you on your toes, gaining knowledge of the world of business beyond your own niche market. 

In an even more practical sense, having a network is the safest way of protecting yourself against any and all possible business-related problems. With experienced business owners around you, you can get an answer to any question you might have pertaining to the world of business. This will encompass not only solutions to various business problems, but also career advice and support. 

5. Friendship

Valuable contacts in business quickly become valuable contacts in everyday life, too. People do business with people they like and trust. With this comes the potential for building long-lasting personal relationships. Ever in a jam? you’ll know someone to call. Or you’ll know someone who’ll know someone you should call. 

This isn’t to say that such things will come naturally (remember, you get out of networking what you put into it). What this is to say is that these outcomes can be achieved through networking – so get out there and get connected!

In need of a network?

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