The 4 steps of Nexus will ensure your business grows and develops into a success. By joining the Nexus Networking Group, you are given the tools and connections to provide a stronger network of clients and gain valued skills. Having a strong pool of connections can help your business in many ways:


  • Advise

By having like-minded individuals around, you are able to ask questions with the reassurance that the answers will be coming from those with the knowledge. 


  • Community

Our groups are full of driven individuals all wanting to better themselves and their business. Having a community of business people enables you to feel part of a project, all wanting the best for each other.


  • Client Growth

By making your business visible to other business owners, they are most likely to recommend you to others through word of mouth. Having such valuable connections can have knock-on effects in regards to spreading awareness of your company. 


With all this in mind, how can the 4 steps of Nexus help you?


Step 1 – Make New Contacts

You will meet many potential useful contacts through the Nexus Networking Group scheduled group events. Nexus Networking Group gives yourself the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals all wanting to develop their contact base. The Nexus networking groups take place on a weekly bases at the following locations:


  • Witham
  • Brentwood
  • Chelmsford
  • Colchester


Step 2 – Expand your skills

By talking to others, you will automatically learn alternative methods and skills. Which in turn can be incorporated into your business. Not only does Nexus Networking Group give the tools to develop businesses, but it also gives the opportunity to learn new personal skills.


Step 3- Gain More Knowledge

The more time spent around driven individuals, the more you will learn. The range of knowledge gained will be invaluable, whether it’s specific to your business or generalised, enabling you to grow as an entrepreneur.


Step 4 – Grow Your Business

In hand with the first 3 points, all will lead to one outcome, business growth. Nexus Networking Group gives the tools, you simply need to utalise them. Use meetings and other scheduled events to ensure your networking is at its maximum and thus, your business is given the best opportunity to grow.


Contact us to learn more

If you have any questions regarding Nexus Networking Group or would like to join one of our scheduled events, head over to our website by clicking here. Alternatively, contact us directly to talk to one of our experts on 01206 656 150 or email