About Our Charity:

Tendring Time Bank was founded in 2002, just four years after social activist Martin Simon inspired the growth of Timebanking in the USA. By March 2021, we have worked together to accumulate over six million hours across the UK with our volunteers and members.

We are a charity that prioritises itself on giving back to the community, with our volunteers always here to lend a hand, whenever. Our staff have a range of skills within their inventory, helping the community no matter if it is CV writing, gardening or IT and computer work.

What is Timebanking?

A timebank is an exciting way to engage the community, bringing people together to not only help others, but to help themselves at the same time. This is especially important for those struggling from disabilities and mental health, and is a great way to provide help and receive it. All participants within the Timebank are rewarded ‘Time points’ when they spend an hour of their time helping complete a task for someone else within the community.

Tendring Time Bank rewards one hour of time with one time point, which participants can spend by receiving an hour of someone else’s time to help them. No money is exchanged during this process, although some participants may agree to cover travel expenses such as needing petrol money.

Our Objectives:

With our Timebanking scheme our objectives consist of providing members of the community with help with services and tasks that they are unable to do alone. Since many of our participants struggle from disabilities or struggle with social anxiety, this scheme is a great way for them to help to gain skills, and help others at the same time.

We reward all participants for their time with time points, with volunteers and users being able to donate points to those who need more help. At Tendring Time Bank, we plan on keeping our Timebank as simple and flexible as possible, making it accessible for all. People can arrange to give time whenever it suits them, offering skills to others that they enjoy using. With a range of participants within our charity, everybody has a unique skill that they can provide!

Tendring Time Bank – Contact Us!

If you are looking to participate in our Timebank, volunteer your skills, or donate, then get in contact with us today! Email us at: info@timebanking.org or call us on: 01453 750952.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!