Whether you are a start-up business looking to make your mark on the industry map or an established firm looking to grow further into 2019, a membership at Nexus can help you and your business develop brightly into the future.

It goes without saying that every organisation needs an expansive contact base in order to grow, with ongoing support and training to ensure efficiency is maintained. At Nexus we pledge to commit to both, whether your membership is in our groups at Brentwood, Chelmsford or Colchester.

Nexus Membership

Below are the benefits and what you can expect from your membership at Nexus Networking:

Free Business Training

Our member are able to receive training and support from other fellow Nexus group members and professional business coaches. These include: training topics, forward thinking approaches, time management, finances, marketing and sales etc.

Discussion board

There is a 20 minute discussion every six weeks, where members can discuss any business challenges or issues they are facing. This can be a great help, with a positive outlook often forthcoming. Members are highly experienced and are always happy to lend support and guidance where they can.

Online Marketing

Members receive daily online marketing promotion of their businesses, showcasing products or services associated. These are advertised through Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter. This third party process is a great way to market your business, attracting new inquiries and customers from an ever-growing pool of Nexus followers. Other avenues of promotion include free business groups, complimentary business and personal promotion through email, google searches, online videos and appearing on the Nexus website.

Membership Image

Corporate Social Responsibility

Nexus actively works to support local charities, raising funds each year for our chosen charity. Around 88% of consumers said they were more likely to buy from a company that supports and engages in activities to improve community aspects. Thus, you have the opportunity to put your business ahead of competitors by aligning yourself with our charities.

New Business Opportunities

Essentially, fellow Nexus members become your sales force. Consider the impact of having over twenty advocates actively prospecting on behalf of your business week in week out, then ask yourself if you have the capacity for taking on more business either now or at other times in the year? If the answer is yes, then you will benefit from your membership at Nexus Networking Groups across Essex. If that wasn’t enough, the average member generates over 40% of new business from active networking with their chosen group.

Now you know the excellent benefits on offer with a Nexus membership, the only thing left to do is contact us and sign up today. Get in touch with Nexus Coordinator, Chloe Pavitt, via email chloe.pavitt@nexusnetworking.co.uk or call her directly on 01206 588 000.