Networking has never been so important across every sector and industry as it is right now, as is ensuring that you never miss a single contact or fail to make a new contact. It is imperative that you continue to enhance contact information, acquiring valuable knowledge to allow continued business growth.


Prior to the lockdown of the Spring of 2020, we were able to simply sit at breakfast networking meetings, join people in restaurants and bars for drinks, meet for coffee and so much more. Now though, the way of business networking is very different and this may be the way it will stay for some time. We thank our lucky stars for the likes of Zoom, Skype, and Teams, which are enabling us to keep the conversation going.


This invaluable networking, conferencing and business meeting tools are web-based video conferencing tools with local, desktop clients, and mobile apps that allow the users to meet online, with or without video. They offer quality video, audio, and wireless screen-sharing performance across Windows, Android, Blackberry, and other systems.


At Nexus, we are striving to continue to provide each and every one of our Nexus members with an extensive contact database in order to grow within their own specific business sectors. Professional on-going support and training are offered regularly to ensure business efficiency. By offering both, as well as supporting numerous local North Essex charities, we hope to give all of our members a membership that exceeds their expectations and gives as much as possible to the local community. And despite the current position most businesses find themselves in, our regular meetings are still going ahead, be they remotely.

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For more information on how Nexus Networking can offer your business the forward propulsion it needs in the current climate, please contact our dedicated team for more information on the packages available and details on how to join today.  Email us at or call 01206 656 160. We are looking forward to networking with you very soon.