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Member: Sunil Gupta
Company: Sunsure Uk Ltd
Phone: 0208 432 3337
Mobile: 07912 879 351
Nexus Role: Member
Business Profile

We are a specialist Jewellers and Commercial insurance brokers. We provide general and commercial insurance broking services, with the aim of bringing people better deals on their insurance. We achieve this by reducing the costs of insurance premiums and ensuring that the level of cover is correct.
Insurance is most certainly not a ‘one size fits all’ service, and here at SunsureUK we firmly believe that insurance cover needs to be tailored to fit your business needs exactly. Bespoke does not have to mean costly, and equally affordable does not mean substandard. We are an independent London insurance company, offering a professional and reliable service at a competitive rate – and never compromising on the quality of service you receive.


- We provide insurance broking services

- We are a commercial insurance and specialist Jewellers insurance brokers

For more info look on our website.


Textbox Section
  • Jagdev Bal
    "Very polite, helpful & professional. Helping me for years, never had any problem."
  • Harpreet Gabha
    "Sun sure UK LTD is very fast and efficient. The service is very reliable and would definitely recommend. Mr Sunil is especially a very nice and helpful person."
  • Mohammed Tayyab
    "Sunsure insurance is the best! Always friendly & available. Sunil takes takes his time, answering all my questions, being patient & thorough. I am really happy that I found an insurance agent that I know will take care of me & all of my concerns. I feel like a valued customer & I appreciate the great customer service that I get every time!!"