At Nexus Networking we do not discriminate. We are here and we are open to all businesses. Our network of industry experts and business professionals can benefit any and all. We would urge you to get in contact immediately if you have been looking to networking to expand your business! We know that connections are the name of the game and that contacts open doors. We are therefore committed to cultivating both for new and old members alike. In addition to this we are also strongly committed to helping local charitable organisations. We believe that a helping hand goes a long way.
Free Business Training
At Nexus we provide all of our members with top class business training. Free of charge. We are very lucky in that some of our members are fully qualified, licensed business coaches. They are always here to help. Our training topics include destination, time management, financials, delivery, marketing and sales.
Video Production
If you join Nexus Networking then you will gain access to a free and professionally produced video that will be a bespoke representation of you and/or your business. This sort of video could cost you thousands of pounds. At Nexus, it’s free! In addition to this your business will be added to our ever growing YouTube channel. This will allow you to spread your brand far and wide which will of course enhance your reputation in the business world.
Of course we wouldn’t let you step in front of the camera without proper training! We will guide and train you so you can put your best foot – and your best smile – forward! Optimising conversion rates is the name of the game; and we know how to play! All of the videos that we produce for our members are then heavily promoted via Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Youtube. This ensures maximum coverage and maximises your financial gain.
Next week we will be returning to the topic of Nexus Benefits as there a

re so many we can’t fit them into one email! If you would like to contact us before then to speak about the benefits of Nexus then you can contact us on 07776157503. Alternatively you can email us at We look forward to hearing from you!