With 10 years of business-owning experience under his belt, Nexus member Kevin Unwin shared his knowledge on good business, the right clients and tyre safety with members last week. His company, KK Mobile Tyre Service is 10 years old this year, yet Unwin still talks about his business with the same passion as he always has done.

KK Mobile specialise their services in car, van and four-by-four vehicles, bringing in specialist tyres from aborad to suit vehicles of all models and brands. Their fully trained experts are on-call 24/7 and offer free callouts so you can have peace of mind.

However, in his presentation, Kevin urges people to check their tyres regularly, at least once a week: “When all you’ve got between your family and the road is a bit of rubber, you need to treat it with respect.” According to Unwin, in a recent survey of 50,000 vehicles across Europe, 8 in 10 has underinflated tyres, which effects handling and, of course, fuel consumption. It also found 1 in 6 had tyres worn below the UK legal minimum tread depth of 1.6mm, which gives much less grip and makes cars more likely to skid on ice or aqauplane in wet conditions.

The beauty of the KK Mobile works is that they offer on-site services. As Kevin puts it, “While you’re at home with your family, or while you’re at work earning your money or running business, we come to you and do everything.” By going directly to the customer, Kevin has a found a business model that works. Granted, not all businesses can offer this feature, but working around clients you can create a convenient service, brining in more business.

Kevin’s presentation was of great use to all our members, and just goes to show the advantage of having so many members covering such a wide range of trades and industries. For Kevin’s full presentation, please view the video above.

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