One perk of a Nexus Networking membership is the mix of members, from a wide range of different trades and industries. It is for this reason, that Nexus prides itself on our weekly Speaker Series in which three different members speak to their network group about their profession, business model, or just simply to give good tips.

To kick off February, Allen Smith from SJP Financial Management spoke to his group about Cash ISAs and their benefits and drawbacks. In this same week, Natalie Williams of ActionCOACH talked through her business model with her group, as well as offering sound advice for managing your time (read more).

Then came Lorna Boreham of Hill & Abbott Solicitors to give a brief overview of Wills and power of attorney, and why it is so crucial to establish both when you are self-employed. John Miller followed next, relecting on claims management to his group, and his work with Enjay Debt Management (read more).

More recently, we heard from Kevin Unwin who, last week, stressed the importance of tyre safety, and described his business ideology to fellow members – his company, KK Mobile Tyre Service, goes direct to their customers, at no charge for a callout (read more).

If you’d like to experience first-hand the many benefits of a Nexus membership, including our Speaker Series, and free business and marketing training, book your place at the next meeting by contacting or call on 07807 494530.