Last year, over 5 million SMEs were classified as ‘micro-businesses’, with 0-9 employees. This kind of sole-trading is becoming increasingly common amongst new businesses, as new enterpreneurs now have the ability to monitor everything – from financials, to marketing – at the click of a button, and from the comfort of their own home. That being said, as your business begins to grow, many find their time being stretched. This is where Claire Hindle comes into the picture.

Claire is a Virtual PA, working for Just Delegate Support Services, and providing back-office administrative support to SMEs and sole-traders. Often small businesses require administrative support, but not necessarily in the form of a full-time member of staff. By creating e-mail rules so that your inbox is immediately forwarded to Claire, or by simply giving her full access to your account, she can monitor clients correspondence remotely and relay information back to you.

As part of her service, Claire also provides online competitor research, which she uses to produce a report for her clients. Of course, on top of all this, she will handle calls when they are diverted from your desk, to hers. As well as finalising appointments, managing your company’s social media accounts, and conducting day-to-day filing for your business.

Bringing Claire in on your business makes essential administrative work so much more cost-effective, and takes much less out of your budget than hiring an in-house personal assistant would.

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