Would it surprise you to learn that successful networking needs a little bit of skill? Anyone can walk up to someone and introduce themselves, few can actually turn that into a successful connection that they can use to further their business and career. That is something that takes a few skills and it is important to have them network successfully. So what are these skills?

Your Not On The Internet, So Don’t Talk Like it!

Don’t get me wrong, the internet is an incredible asset. One that should be exploited whenever possible for the betterment of your business and/or career. However, it does create some problems when it comes to language. See the internet creates a sense of anonymity and that means people think that they can say whatever they want however they want. Wrong! Definitely wrong. Remember those manners that your parents drummed into your head? Use them! Be polite, Respectful, don’t just say whatever is on your mind. There is such a thing as tact, you know? This could get you the connection. Speaking like you are on the internet could very well lose that connection. This also applies to any virtual networking that you do. Remember that you are being judged on everything and that first impression is a reflection of your company.

Network regularly

This is not something to do once in a blue moon, so do it regularly. You need to always expand your network to ensure that you have plenty of contacts that you can call on for advice, or that will think of you when your services are brought up. Networking is valuable and can make you money, so treat it like it is an investment. 


Know who is going to be there, who you are talking to. Why go to an event if you don’t know who is going to be there? how can you take advantage of the event if you don’t know who is going to be the best connection for you and your company? Relating to this, don’t shove your company or your business in the perspective. This is simply crass and impolite. Remember that connections are made through people, not the name of your company or who you work for.

Positivity is key

Positive people are annoying, true, but they are also more memorable than someone negative or more neutral. Emppahsise who you, your client or company would like or love to work with the prospective connection. Don’t let the other person walk away with little memory or you or a negative impression. Positivity will help them think of you in a positive light, help make you memorable for a good reason. These are only a few skills that can help you to make an impression when you go to networking events or utilise other forms of networking. Nexus Networking can help you develop these skills as well as help you get to the right connections events to help you to build a stranger business. To find out more, visit our website on www.nexusnetworking.co.uk,  email us at info@nexusnetworking.co.uk or give us a call on 01206 588 000.