Rob is the third and final founding member of Nexus Networking alongside Gavin and Paul. His position is that of Operations Director. His position and the work that he does on a daily basis has proven absolutely integral to the smooth running of Nexus Networking. With his help, all of Nexus’ meetings run smoothly; with equality and efficacy. No matter where the meeting is or what the topic is, everyone has a voice, and nobody’s thoughts are ignored. Rob and the team make sure that they utilise every trick in the book, and some that aren’t, this way they make sure that every single Nexus member is getting the maximum return on their investment. Rob personally sits in on every committee meeting. This enables him to not only garner a unique perspective where Nexus operations are concerned, it allows him to quickly and effectively implement points raised in Nexus member meetings. Through Rob’s tireless efforts, Nexus is always improving and always evolving! Nexus listens to its members. Member meetings, training days, and all open events are always changing and with Rob’s help, they are always improving.

Rob’s own venture R.Browring Developments based right here in Essex, has been doing excellent work in the area and is proving itself a real benefit to the community. They specialise in both external and internal building services. “No job is too big or too small”! An integral piece of the Nexus Networking puzzle, Rob has proven himself to be a highly valuable part of the team who’ll always make sure your voice is heard!