Well, what a year 2020 has been! There is no need to go into detail about how turbulent the year has been as, well we have all gone through it! But as a business, your experience of 2020 would have no doubt, not been what you had planned.

We at Nexus Networking have adapted, and have been fortunate enough to say that our operations have been able to carry on. Carry on yes, as normal, no. Nexus Networking has made the decision to move onto Zoom. Such a decision enables proceedings and meetings to carry on as normal, whilst members are able to attend safely from their own homes. 

As a business, reflecting back on 2020 may be hard to do so. Many businesses have struggled, especially within the 2nd quarter. If your business has profited within 2020, hats off to you. However, for those that have not, the reassurance our members have got from knowing their co-members support them has been unrivalled.


Your Business in 2020

As a business networking group, we pride ourselves in helping our members through our weekly events. By being a member of Nexus, business professionals are able to have the peace of mind knowing they have a weekly meeting, full of those they can rely upon for advice. Through such turbulence and ever changing regulations, having the stability of a weekly meeting not only brings benefits to your business, but also to your mental wellbeing.  


Nexus Networking in 2020

At Nexus Networking, we aim to provide a support group for our members. If your reflection of 2020 doesn’t involve attending a networking event group, potentially 2021 will. Networking brings a whole host of benefits to a business and individuals alike. If you did not reep the benefits in 2020, maybe 2021 is the year to do so.

To finish off the year, we would like to thank our members at Nexus Networking. Throughout the year we have witnessed unparalleled levels of support between members. Here’s to 2021, a year in which we hope to see plenty of new and regular faces at our meetings, all aiding one another and bringing success to their business. 

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