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Member: Philip Campbell
Company: Hawkhurst Invest
Phone: 01245 947 797
Mobile: 07958 290 893

Nexus Role: Visitor Host
Category: Investments


Property Investment Mentoring & Consultancy

  • Cash Flow Forecasting
  • Property Mentoring Courses & Seminars
  • UK Property Investment

Business Profile

Investing your money wisely takes skill, experience and expertise and identifying areas of potential growth is the key to gaining excellent returns from your investments.

At Hawkhurst Alternative Investments we have the skills to identify these areas, and the experience and expertise to help our clients benefit from this initial analysis.

The Hawkhurst Alternative Investments team has more than 30 years of combined financial experience, many of them directly involved in the investment and management of investment products and opportunities.





Mr and Mrs Jamieson

”  We highly recommend Hawkhurst Invest. From the moment we engaged them, they were professional, responsive, proactive and subject matter experts. Emails were responded to swiftly and efficiently and every query and request was taken into consideration.

Mr and Mrs Delaney

”  We would not have been able to have the lifestyle we now enjoy without the excellent direction we have received over the last few years.

Miss Elliot

”  I cannot express how happy I was following a recommendation to Hawkhurst Invest. Not only have I been empowered to build a profitable property portfolio, I also retained my sanity. If creating a portfolio was ever going to achieve stress-free status, the guys at Hawkhurst would have to be the reason behind it! Thank you to the whole team.