Setting Up Your Direct Debit is Quick & Easy!

Once you have applied to join Nexus Networking, your next step is to setup your direct debit.

Nexus Networking uses Go Cardless as it’s Direct Debit provider as this is Free for you to use.

Setting up your direct debit takes seconds and all you need is your:

First Name


Email Address

Sort Code

Account Number

Address (As associated with your bank account

If you encounter any issues, call Nexus Networking on 01206 656 160 or email

Membership Fee

The running of Nexus Networking is very time-consuming and it results in various costs being incurred from venue hire to stationary and everything in between. Subsequently, as a member you are required to pay a competitive annual fee. Please click here to join

Breakfast Fees

Every group incurs running costs and those costs are to be covered by the members of Nexus Networking. Subsequently, please set up your direct debit with us for the group you are a member of by clicking the image or text links below.


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