Paul is one of three co-founders of Nexus Networking. He occupies the position of finance director and is always actively promoting business networking. He is also the commercial director of Energy Centric; a company that helps both public and private sector businesses reduce their outgoing energy costs by providing an independent energy procurement and consultancy service. Paul’s responsibilities at Nexus are multifarious. His main responsibility is that of ensuring the consistent and healthy growth of both the Brentwood and the Chelmsford groups, as well as mapping out the growth of all of the groups yet to launch! Paul also occupies a chair on the charity committee. This means making sure that the money is raised in the right places, and that it is sent to the right organisations! The Nexus Ball, coordinated by the Nexus Network, goes a very long way towards fulfilling the £10,000 per year, per charity, per group goal! The Nexus Network is highly charitable and last year helped to raise over £30.000 for good causes across the country!

Energy Centric started up back in 2005. They now have a 35+ strong team that consists of market leaders and industry professionals. Energy Centric have built for themselves a sterling reputation in their occupied sector and their client list now includes a fair few household names! Including The Holiday Inn, Ramada, Southend United, Brentwood Borough Council and Monarch! Paul’s affinity with business networking, and the inherent structures that exist within the structure, are what has helped his company and of course by extension, Nexus, grow into impressive enterprises.

Paul is an avid fan of West Ham Utd, he also loves all sorts of sport! Boxing in-particular. He is big on fitness health and wellbeing, and is always looking to spread the word of Nexus as well as actively trying to help small businesses grow!