We are looking for new people like you. We are on the lookout for curious and interesting business people who wish to expand their horizons.

Are you one of them?

Are you interested in joining forces with other successful business entities, who already reap benefits from being members?

Nexus Networking is a leading group in Essex, whose sole aim is to link local businesses and help them grow. And now it’s your chance to do it yourself.

We are hosting open days for you.

That means, we have opened our doors for you to come and meet us. See first hand and taste what being a Nexus Networking member really means.

Man standing On hills

At the end of each month, we host an event called ‘Open Day’ for prospective newcomers and members. We invite business owners from Essex to experience what it is all about.

Open day means that we gather together in a friendly setting, discuss and exchange ideas and insights on our issues. You, who still ponders whether to join us or not, will have the opportunity to meet new people. Existing members or not, you will definitely get a good idea of our world before entering into it. 

Bring your business cards with you. You will certainly need them. You will meet interesting people who will go over issues like customer service, growth, how-to guides for expanding, networking, websites and much more.

An open day is what the term literally says, we welcome new members to join us and stretch more our group’s skills, profitability, business potential, talent pool, etc.

Nexus Networking Limited is an established group of business professionals who have successfully passed over £3 million worth of business between them since 2011. And whether you are a fledgling business or an established firm looking to grow, a membership at Nexus can help you to develop more. 

To find out more about us, visit our website, or call us on 01206 656 160.