Never has there been a more poignant moment in time for all those in business to stand together, to share knowledge and experience, offer professional comfort to those in need, to share contacts and leads and inspire new ways of working… And thinking – The NEXUS WAY. By offering proactive solutions and ideas to fellow business owners,as a Nexus Member you are ensuring the survival of commerce, and now more than ever we need this.

Our mission at Nexus Networking is to provide assistance and help businesses of all sizes develop and work together to create new, strong repeat business, offering our members the opportunity to team up on new and exciting ventures whilst creating genuine, robust relationships through the longevity of a Nexus membership.

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Nexus Networking is a strong evolving networking group based in Essex with members from a vast range of industries, supporting, learning and generating business with the help of other like minded professionals. Nexus is a very inclusive group welcoming all new members from across a plethora of sectors and industries.

To Join us, there are three impressive membership options which are listed below:

Full Membership
£395 Per Annum
£50 Joining Fee
£60 Per Month
Weekly Meetings

Lite Lunch Membership
£360 Per Annum
£50 Joining Fee
No Lockout
Monthly Meetings

Training Package
£150 Per Annum
£50 Joining Fee
6 Sessions Per Annum

We strive to provide every Nexus member with an expansive contact base in order to grow within business. On-going support and training is offered regularly too, to ensure business efficiency. By offering both, as well as supporting numerous local charities, we hope to give our members a membership that exceeds their expectations and gives as much as possible to the local community.

For more information on how Nexus Networking can offer your business the forward propulsion needed in the current climate, please contact our dedicated team for more information on the packages available and details on how to join. Email us at or call 01206 656 160. We are looking forward to networking with you very soon.