Business is all about good communication, to serve a client successfully you often need to build up a relationship of trust and mutual respect with them before going in with a hard sell about your business, product or service – it’s effectively the same process with your fellow Networker – the best way to get to know Nexus contacts personally is at our Nexus Social Events.

If you don’t put the time or effort in to meeting and connecting with others, then how can you expect to generate contracts or referrals? Obviously you also need a good relationship of trust and mutual respect that can be developed not only within a business environment, but socially also.

With this in mind, we’re very pleased to announce that Nexus Networking will be having an Evening Social Event at the fantastic Cafe Masala Restaurant in Sudbury! (Please let us know if you require directions)

We would love it if you could attend and join us in celebrating all that we have achieved so far at Nexus in the opening months of 2019.

cafe Massala

In addition, you will be mixing with many business owners/associates in a variety of different industries amongst the spices of the tasty food that the Cafe Masala team produce. Spaces are limited so hurry and book in – the cost is just £30 per person where you will receive a delicious FIVE course meal!

We welcome all members, guests, subs, visitors and plus one’s – let’s make it an evening to remember!

There will also be a sign up form at all upcoming Nexus meetings where you will be able to register your attendance, or alternatively, please call Nexus Coordinator Chloe Pavitt on 01206 588 000 or email and reserve your spot today!