Nexus networking is the future! 


Do you want to expand your business, make new contacts and most importantly make more money?


Then join Nexus and we will help you grow your business to levels you will have never seen before.


Memberships we offer:


Currently there are three memberships available for networking in Essex.


We offer a physical membership,which will include weekly in person meetings and a guaranteed lockout policy for your business 


The next membership is the Digital membership which offers the same services as the previous option, but in digital form. 


Last but not least we offer the Lite Lunch membership, this will include monthly meetings and no lockout policy.


If you would like a sneak peek into our wonderful networking world, but are nor ready to commit, we offer open days, visit our website and see the calendar, then book!  


Benefits of our nexus memberships:


Whether your business is already established, or you are trying to grow, We can help develop every business big or small.


This is what we offer in order for that to happen:


-Receive referrals which is the easiest business to win!

-Win business from fellow members

-Access members contacts

-Build trust within the business community

-Refer customers to trustworthy suppliers

-Go to events with fellow members

-The average member wins £27,000 of business from their Nexus membership

– Online Marketing

– Free Business training 

– Corporate social Responsibility 


Contact us


T: 01206 588 000