Nexus Networking

Are you looking to expand your network? Then Nexus Networking is the perfect solution! Meet new people every week to help you and your business flourish.


Whether you are a fully established business or just starting, Nexus welcomes everyone! 




When joining nexus, you will benefit from weekly zoom meetings and monthly in-person meetings.


Meeting business-minded people will help you grow and learn within the sector you are in.


You will gain some great referrals, and thanks to our lockout policy you will lock out all competitors, meaning you receive 100% referrals. 


On average we have found our members to have gained a 40% increase in business after joining nexus.


You will benefit from FREE online marketing and website listing worth approximately £600 


Furthermore, you will get access to FREE business training!


Our aim is to be able to connect like-minded business owners throughout the UK and beyond! 


If you want to get a taste of what being a member of nexus is like you can join your first online session for free.


Furthermore, our groups span around 4 different locations, so pick whichever suits you and your schedule best! 


In-person meetings offer breakfast, lunch and dinner meetings!


Nexus will get your business at the top!




No matter where you are based, we have something for you!


  • Colchester 
  • Chelmsford 
  • Braintree 
  • Brentwood


If you cannot join the in-person meetings, remember, we also host weekly zooms!




Like what you hear? You would not be the first! Contact us today to expand your contacts, get great referrals and benefit from our lockout policy.


Join Nexus Networking today!

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