Business networking in the modern world is somewhat of a necessity; valuable time out from constant emails and distractions to interact on a human level with fellow business people in a healthy and productive environment- with a primary means to growing your business and contacts base.

The benefits of networking are numerous and with Nexus Networking we provide so much more than just a traditional networking environment. With regular training sessions, keynote speakers and topical panel discussions our three times weekly meetings provide the opportunity to share tips, network and to develop the Nexus organization, with the aim of strengthening the local business hub.

Whether a new business (or even a pre startup) or established independent we cater for all sizes of business and welcome members from any profession or industry. Every week the three Nexus groups meet on a Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and, with a rapidly establishing reputation as an uber friendly networking provider, our doors are always open to newcomers.

Normally a sample networking session with Nexus would cost £10- covering the cost of venue, breakfast and resources- but for October we are inviting new members into the fold for free.

There are many benefits to joining Nexus as opposed to traditional networking groups. We provide ongoing training and support from fellow members and professional business coaches who truly understand, and can convey the importance of, vital business topics including time management, financials, marketing, sales and delivery.

Just a few key benefits are listed below:


We provide all our members with a professionally produced corporate video that we also feature on the Nexus YouTube / Twitter / Linkedin / Facebook channels to expose your business to potentially millions of future clients. We give you advice on how best to present yourself on camera and also how to maximize your online reputation.


Members receive daily promotion of their business, products and/or services on our social media platforms providing significant upscaling to your online presence and attracting organic new business leads via our complimentary online PR systems (social media/online video/Google search and Nexus website) and ever expanding Nexus community. Feature within our exclusive ‘members only’ website area to receive enquiries from current, past and future Nexus Networking members.


As a figurehead for being good corporate citizens we always work towards supporting worthwhile charities and are targeted to raise a certain amount for our chosen charity annually. Statistically 88% of customers said they would rather do business with companies who work towards and engage in activities to improve society and support charity. As part of Nexus you have the opportunity to stand above your competitors by aligning yourself with our charities.


With Nexus your fellow members become your sales force; actively prospecting on behalf of your business week in, week out! It’s a simple union where all members have their ear to the ground and work to promote business from within. The average member generates over £27,000 of income per year from their Nexus Networking membership with many members drawing in excess of 40% of their business from active networking within the group.

To experience Nexus Networking for Free and to receive further information of all benefits, please contact Paul Lomas on 07807 494 530 or email