Lee Taylor M.D

lee Taylor

For the last 14 years, Lee Taylor has been the Owner and Director of Pro-Tax Accounting. The business came about after Lee had encountered some hurdles in life. The time had come where he needed to make a serious decision, would he crumble under life’s unavoidable stresses or would he be proactive and make a change. It’s safe to say, Lee made the proactive choice to start his business, and it certainly is flourishing! 

Why Accountancy?

When the time for change came around, Lee was fortunate enough to have an opportunity to retrain in his profession. After weighing up all the options, Lee chose a path that would give him more stability and a clearer career path. 

Pro-Tax Accounting 

“Starting where other Accountants finish” 

At Pro-Tax Accounting, there are a plethora of services available for both business and personal clients. Amongst general accountancy services, Pro-Tax Accounting can provide aid with business development, specialist tax services, and management control plans. Lee and the team take a holistic approach with every client, and they ensure they look at the bigger picture and not just what is in front of them at the time. 

A copious amount of time and energy is spent on each client and for Lee, in particular, the aim is to build a great client relationship and he will take the time to check every last detail. He has an advantage that most can only dream of perfecting – having the flexibility and expertise to be able to adjust his vocabulary and delivery to fit the clients’ individual needs. This makes him a great listener and an even better rapport builder, he can tell you exactly what you need and guide you in the right direction. 


For Lee, the key to staying motivated is recognising the achievements of Pro-Tax accounting. There is nothing more satisfying and motivating to him than seeing the clients he has helped, reach their goals. It’s by noticing achievements and always celebrating the wins, no matter how small that keeps Lees’ head held high. 


“Keep an open mind and always charge. You must train yourself to have the mindset that giving up is not an option. Mistakes are inevitable but you need to bounce back better than before.”

If you are someone who could benefit from the help of a pro-active accountant then look no further. Get in touch with Pro-Tax Accounting today on 01206 266692. By contacting Pro-Tax Accounting today, you can benefit from a tax checklist worth thousands of pounds. So what are you waiting for?


“I chose Lee as my accountant due to his highly proactive approach. When I first met Lee my business was quite new and I felt confident that as changes occurred and my business grew Lee would advise me as and when anything needed to be done or changed. His services extend far beyond the completion of a tax return at the end of each year.” – L.R

“Lee & his team take a very refreshing approach to accountancy, it’s about education – Pro-Tax Accounting shows you the ropes & are there to provide on-going pro-active support. They are miles away from “just doing the books”, they get into the nitty-gritty of how the business works & provide solutions that instigate growth.” – N.D

“Lee has been amazing for us and our business. I don’t think we would have had the confidence to take some of the steps we have taken with our business if it wasn’t for him and his sound advice and guidance. He’s advised us on our accounting of course and carries out that side of things, but also has a huge amount of advice to offer when it comes to setting up a new business and ensuring its longevity.” – C.B

Pro Tax Accounting