Louise Rothwell

Louise Rothwell LMPA

Louise Rothwell and her husband, Rob started their photography business 9 years ago. trebor photography came from a passion that they both shared. Ever since their college days, they had both fallen in love with the camera and how they possess the ability to capture other people’s special moments.

Louise typically works from her home photography studio in Braintree, Essex, photographing anything from families, babies, children, cake smashes, pets, products and property as well as also being a wedding photographer too. By not limiting herself to one theme of photography means that Louise is skilled in achieving the perfect photos to match the occasion. Louise loves to welcome everyone to the studio and with a private driveway to park on and a dedicated client entrance you’ll be relaxed as soon as you arrive for photos.  

Prior to photography, Louise was involved in the corporate industry but realising that was not her true calling, she followed her passion and even took the time to gain her MPA qualification in the industry! 

If this doesn’t show dedication and commitment to the job then I don’t know what else does! Together Louise and Rob photograph weddings which means that Louise will meet wedding couples before their special day and go through their wedding timeline and to get to know them, form a good relationship and plan the day together. 

This ensures the live day runs smoothly and the clients know what to expect. Having the right personality really helps Louise to get the most out of her job. She is friendly, approachable and organised which makes her the perfect photographer to have at an event as well. 

If you are someone who could use the services of a friendly, professional and qualified photographer, then you can submit a form via the website!


For Louise, being able to have control of the light and atmosphere in the studio means you can really create the best environment which produces a great quality photo. Having fun with different gel lighting techniques and spot lights also creates amazing end results and keeps her creative skills alive.  Also, the fact that everybody has a story to capture is the biggest source of motivation.

Advice For Others

If you are looking to get into photography then it pays off to work hard and get qualified. 

If you are looking for a great photographer then you should definitely do your research beforehand, as you will likely be spending most of the day with them at weddings. You should also make sure that the photographer has insurance!