Nexus Networking are proud to introduce the brand new Nexus £50 Note. This will be rewarded to any Nexus member who successfully introduces a new business-owner, industry professional or tradesperson to our connected networking group. So if you bring someone new along to a meeting, and they subesquently join – it’s all yours!

It will also be rewarded to the member with the best Nexus case study each month, which highlights your success as a member of our network. As well as this, we will be giving Notes to our top-performing members at our Annual Charity Ball in November, so as you can see, there are so many ways in which you could earn this little gem. The amount of benefits that come with being a Nexus member just keep growing.

The Note is worth exactly what it says – fifty pounds – to be spent on membership, other members’ services, or alternatively you could donate it to one of Nexus’ chosen charities. We hope to see these flying out thick and fast as our members continue on with their amazing work.