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Are you searching for nexus business networking? You’ve got the right people! At Nexus Networking we want to get you connected to the right people

We know running a business is not easy, but here at Nexus we aim to try and make running one as easy as it can be, we can do this by providing you with the correct training to tackle any situation you may be put up against and go in with a full understanding of the task at hand

In business, we know that knowledge is a useful step in flourishing your business, but it does not matter how much knowledge you have if you have no one to help spread your business, this is why we at Nexus Networking bring the business community together to make connections which will well and and truly expand your business.

If your interested in growing your business, contact us so we can ensure you are making the right decision


What benefits does Nexus Networking offer?

Nexus provides a scheme which allows you to bring more than just yourself, you can bring a fellow employee, a colleague or even a friend along with you. You can ensure that all the knowledge you gain from us can also be shared with others so you don’t have to be the only knowledgeable one around

‘I bet Nexus Networking only provides these services to lawyers and traders’ that’s where you would be wrong, Nexus provides training to over 120 different types of business, everything from Tattoo artist to Tree Surgeon. Have a look at our page to see everything we do!

If you would like to discuss any of these services we provide, meet us for lunch, dinner or breakfast at any of these locations:

Nexus Networking Christmas Networking Event

  • Braintree
  • Colchester
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  • Brentwood


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If our services sound like a great way to get your business to flourish, contact us by filling out an enquiry form on our website, or instead you can email us at: or phone us at: 01206 588 000

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